We believe our training will be the catalyst for future generations becoming financially independent well before their forebears. This is our key purpose.

We also believe enterprise can be a force for good, hence our business ‘does good’ by design.

As well as creating a step-change in financial literacy levels, we use Money School as a vehicle for creating positive change in a number of ways:

Why youth mental health?

Money is a leading cause of mental distress and relationship breakdown. Our products help people make better financial decisions so they can avoid these issues, but we want to do more. As a result, we donate a part of our profits to organisations that help young people with mental health issues.

Megan Image for Courses Money School PageIn memory of Megan Frances White

Youth mental health is a cause close to Fran and Lacey’s hearts. They lost Megan, Fran’s youngest daughter and Lacey’s little sister, to suicide in 2009. She was 24 years old.

Megan was bright, vivacious, charismatic and affectionate. ‘Can charm your socks off when she wants to’ was a frequent comment on her annual school report cards. Megan’s smile could light up a room and her energy was captivating. During the good times, anyway.

Many saw only the bright, happy young woman. They weren’t privy to Megan’s mental health issues, first diagnosed when she was 18 years old but with origins in her early teens. They didn’t know what it was like for Fran, living on tenterhooks waiting for the next 3am call to attend the hospital. They didn’t know what it must have been like for Megan, caught in a downward spiral of depression, anxiety and paranoia.

The grief never fully goes away. You just kind of grow a scar over it, and after a while you only notice it when it rubs on something. Like the lack of Megan’s presence as bridesmaid at Lacey and Adam’s wedding in 2011. Like the wonderful and overindulgent aunt Lacey’s children don’t know they’re missing. Like the call that no longer comes for Fran on Mothers Day, beginning with ‘Hey Moo’ – Megan’s nickname for Mum.

Youth suicide is a scourge in our society.

At Money School, we want to part of the solution to bring youth suicide rates down for good. If we can help spare even one family the grief Fran and Lacey have experienced, we will consider our efforts worthwhile.

Know a cause we should support? Contact us.

If you know of a cause that fits our criteria – helping youth deal with mental health issues – please send us their details via the ‘Contact’ form.