Why use Money School’s course to fundraise for your school or group?


When you need to raise funds for your school or not-for-profit group, how do you go about it?

Do you sell Entertainment Books or chocolates? Do you hold quiz nights and social events? Do you conduct raffles? Do you knock on doors?

All these methods come with some inconvenience because you may have to:

  • manage inventory, risking covering costs for any misplaced or stolen items.
  • organise venues and all that goes with it – a significant time commitment.
  • handle cash, which introduces complexity and risk of theft.
  • deal with ethical backlash, for example some communities have had complaints about the message that’s being sent by selling junk food.
  • brainstorm new approaches each year to keep your community engaged.

Using Money School’s course to fundraise for your school or group will solve these problems for you because:

  • it’s all online – no need to handle inventory, no chance of misplaced goods.
  • it’s simple – no coordination needed, reducing time commitment of your volunteers.
  • Money School handles all transactions – no risk of theft and no waiting on your funds.
  • it’s an ethical product – there is no promotion of any financial product or strategy, it complements school banking and addresses a known gap in our education system.
  • it can be used year after year – the course content is ‘evergreen’ and will remain relevant for years to come, and as Money School expands its training on offer customers will want to buy it again in subsequent years.


How it works


  1. Your school or group promotes the course to its community at a special fundraising price:
    • Fundraising to school/group per log-in purchased using your code: $50.
    • No limit on sales: encourage your community to share with friends and family to increase fundraising.


  1. Adults sign up for the course via Money School’s website using your code:
    • This ensures agreement to Money School’s online access Terms and Conditions.
    • The fundraising price can only be accessed by entering your school’s/group’s allocated code at check-out, guaranteeing your school/group gets all the fundraising they’re entitled to.


  1. Money School transfers your fundraising directly into your bank account:
    • Transfers commence 14 days after the first purchase, and are made every seven days after that.
    • Fundraising money can be reinvested in more financial literacy support from Money School if desired.


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