Why do we recommend specific people and businesses?


In the course of our work, we meet and work with some fabulous professionals. We will always provide glowing testimonials for their use, but we like to go one step further by providing a link to them on our website so our customers can find them too. These are not affiliate links – we do not receive any kick-backs for our referrals.

Our online education expert: Maria Doyle

Maria helped us take the ‘Achieving Financial Independence’ course from concept to the incredible educational experience it is now. We cannot recommend Maria’s curriculum development and teacher-trainer skills highly enough. Her website is a wonderful resource for people exploring how to systemise their knowledge and make it accessible, and her membership library – WOW! It’s phenomenal.

Our website expert: Kristy Morton

Like the look and functionality of our website? We have Kristy to thank. She’s organised, methodical and oh-so-competent, not to mention being an absolute pleasure to deal with. We’ve worked with many online professionals over the years and we are thrilled to have finally found THE ONE for us.


We will never recommend people and businesses in the financial industry, even though we know some fabulous ones. To recommend anyone in this industry would jeopardise our independence. It is our independence from a particular strategy or product that makes our training so valuable, so we will do all we can to maintain it.