Why gift Money School’s course to your clients and employees?


When you want to say ‘Thank you for working with us’ to your clients, how do you do it?

Do you send them a card at Christmas? Do you invite them to a celebration? Do you give them a nice bottle of wine?

Choosing something that sends a clear message that you value their business and want to keep working with them can be a challenge. Choosing something creative and memorable that separates you from your competitors can be downright impossible.

Rewarding your valued employees can be just as difficult. Cash bonuses, vouchers, weekends away – these are forgotten all too quickly.

Gifting your clients and employees a log-in to Money School’s course will solve this problem for you because it’s a gift they’ll have for life. When you gift our course, you are saying to your clients and employees:

  • We care about your future and the future of your family.
  • We want you to become financially independent.
  • We want to help you teach your children to become financially independent.


How it works


  1. Your company purchases a batch of log-ins via email order:
    • We offer a discount for batch purchases.
    • Minimum batch size: 10 log-ins.
    • Invoice terms: Net 14 days.


  1. Money School will provide printed cards you can give to your clients and employees:
    • Cards will be customised using your branding and colours.
    • We use a graphic designer to achieve a professional look.
    • You can choose a printed thank-you note inside, or room to write your own.


  1. The gift recipient signs up via the Money School website:
    • This ensures agreement to Money School’s online access Terms and Conditions.
    • Entering the code on the gift card results in no charge at the check-out.
    • No credit card details are required and there are no recurring charges.


  1. The gift recipient gets 12 months access to the ‘Achieving Financial Independence’ course:
    • See detailed information about what that includes in the Course Outline or this video.
    • When we add tutorials, these are immediately available to all members for no additional fee.


Book a call to discuss your client and employee gift package today!