Here’s what our hosts have to say about our group presentations:

Lacey’s presentation at Mi Casa Property Boutique got rave reviews from the parents who attended, including myself. Her story is engaging and the activities she suggests for families to teach money skills are not only practical, they’re fun!

Soon after Lacey’s presentation I had the opportunity to apply what I’d learned when my kids wanted to do a bake stall. As Lacey suggested, my husband and I loaned them the money for the ingredients and coached them through the process. It’s helped us talk to our kids about money in a practical way and they’ve already learned some valuable lessons.

We love Lacey’s work through Money School and since her presentation Mi Casa has been happy to support her book launch and kidpreneur showcase. It’s wonderful to see Lacey’s lessons impacting the next generation.

– Sue Pember, Director, Mi Casa Property Boutique

Lacey’s presentation to our Year 12 students was practical, personal and beneficial. Her examples resonated with the 12s immediately and, from the steady flow of questions at the end, it was clear they were engaged by the topic.

I loved the advice Lacey shared – save ambitiously and use those savings to buy assets. I wish I had received advice like that when I was in Year 12!

– Pauline Harvey-Short, Dean of School, Brisbane Girls Grammar School

We love to hear stories from our students about how Money School has impacted their lives – it reminds us about the power of sharing our story and inspires us to do more. Please drop us a line with your experience, we’d love to hear it!

Here’s what our students have to say about Money School:

I received so much more from Lacey in Money School than I expected.

I could trace my own money history patterns and she shined the light to step out of them. Whilst her story is like so many everyday people, it is the EXTRAORDINARY things she does with it. Brilliant knowledge, humility and passion, what more could a student want from a master teacher! – Rikki

This course is an investment in your future and your children’s future.

It’s worth its weight in gold, and so is Lacey! Best spent time and money. – Cara

Now I look forward to planning my financial future, rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

I enrolled … as a young person becoming more financially responsible. I would highly recommend it to anyone starting out and wanting to make informed and proactive decisions about their financial future. Lacey made the content interesting and easy to follow… She was also very passionate which was infectious. – Rachell.

Enrolled intending to learn how to teach my son about money and walked away with so much more.

The course covers the fundamentals of how to increase wealth and is presented in a pragmatic and uncomplicated style. It is obvious that Lacey & Fran know their stuff. The skills I have learned whilst doing the course can be applied immediately and I’m confident will yield positive outcomes. If you think your kids will learn this stuff at school, think again. Mainstream education teaches kids how to give back the correct change on the checkout, but it’s in your interest to teach them more. Besides, how many millionaire teachers are at your kid’s school?
Would definitely encourage people (parents and the ‘even smarter non-parents’) to enrol and take advantage of their ‘wealth’ of knowledge (couldn’t help myself). – Donna

No nonsense approach to the realities behind creating wealth.

Very engaging and thought provoking! – Maria

A great overview of everything I wanted to know – and a lot I didn’t know I wanted to know.

Very insightful, concise and empathetic perspective on money – tools to do what I want in life. – Shenade

Very easy to understand and practical information provided in an engaging and inspiring way!

I’m not very money-conscious; it goes in my account and I don’t really pay too much attention because I do save money, but this course inspired me to be more mindful about what I’m spending my money on and the importance of conscious saving. – Heidi

I am 47, where were you Lacey when I was 17?

Insightful, useful and easy to comprehend. Thank you. – Esmeralda

Lacey …delivers sometimes difficult to grasp concepts in a clear, concise, no-nonsense manner,

together with a sense of humour which makes it easy to understand. She makes great sense of the financial maze that is our complicated world. – Jen

It’s rare that someone can teach a group of accounting and finance professionals something new about money,

but Lacey managed it! The Money School perspective is refreshing – linking financial decisions back to our beliefs and values makes so much sense and provides clear guidance to help our children make their own smart and value based money decisions.  The presentation was engaging and the enthusiasm with which it was delivered was contagious. Lacey offered practical advice and activities that I was able to share with my girls immediately. 10 out of 10!” – Brenda Moore, Executive Director – Valuations & Business Modelling, EY Perth