Hello prospective social media intern :)

Great to meet you at Upitch.me’s evening event!

Here’s more info about the job, the business, and the next steps to take if you’re interested in the role.


The Scope


Task Summary

  • Create social media posts for Money School’s four platforms (FB, LI, TW, IG) in Canva and schedule for publishing in SmarterQueue.
  • Update Linktree accordingly with links referred to in IG posts.
  • Update WordPress media page with new media appearances, which are added to a Google Sheet by Lacey as they happen (typically 2-8 per month).
  • Keep Google Sheet up to date as items are added to content schedule.
  • Update Searchie Hub with any new radio or podcast appearances.

Suggest bulk processing of all tasks fortnightly (but could be monthly).

Social media goals

  • Followers: stay front of mind, position as an authority, encourage email signups, never cross the line into financial advice.
  • Business growth: improve engagement on posts, improve organic follower numbers growth, promote sales of books/courses/speaking gigs. Not interested in paid SM.
  • Operations: smooth and reliable addition of new content to social media pipeline so there’s plenty of variety in our posts, clear documented processes.

Active social media themes

  • Article – Lacey quoted: when Money School and/or founder is referenced in an online or print media article
  • Blog from Money School: Lacey produces evergreen content sporadically, but there are 70+ articles needing content created so plenty to draw on!
  • Content without links: these are #quotes and #opinion posts at the moment.
  • General promotion: book: this is reviews of Money School aiming to drive people to purchase via Booktopia or Amazon (affiliate links)
  • Podcast: this is when Lacey is interviewed for a podcast (radio appearances could be added here)
  • Questions answered: this is Lacey writing answers to common q’s asked in workshops.

There are two spare themes not being used: general promotion radio/panel/other, and general promotion product/sales. Lacey is open to changing these if there’s a good reason.


  • Lacey can provide introductory training on WordPress, SmarterQueue, Linktree and Searchie.
  • Trainee will need to create step-by-step procedures following training.

Also note

  • As an international award-winning author, Lacey prides herself on excellent (though not perfect) grammar and punctuation. Tolerance for incorrect spelling, incorrect tone and poor sentence structure is non-existent.
  • Graphics are bright and colourful using Lacey’s pro subscription in Canva. We have plenty of on-brand images we own that we prefer to use wherever possible. Currently stored on Dropbox.
  • Lacey would prefer you spend 80% of your time crafting thoughtful, engaging posts that will remain evergreen than focused pumping out large volumes of content – quality over quantity.
  • Lacey will continue to publish time sensitive content herself, such as advance notice of radio appearances as these are often booked one day prior.
  • Lacey will continue to own the fortnightly EDM to subscribers in Active Campaign.


The Business

  • Personal financial education – NOT advice, counselling or coaching
  • Founded 2010
  • Operated as a Pty Ltd but has effectively become a personal brand
  • Makes money through:
    • Sale of online courses
    • Sale of books (via Penguin Random House, royalties and Public Lending Rights)
    • Delivering workshops and seminars for businesses, councils, governments and schools
    • Licensing content (e.g. to Student Edge) – ad hoc, not a biz stream I’m pursuing
    • Keynote speaking
  • No head office – run out of Lacey’s home office at the moment


The Boss

  • Lacey is the sole director of the company, everything goes through her
  • Chemical engineer, so very analytical
  • Author, so pedantic about spelling and grammar in published works (including social media)
  • Dislikes people who don’t do what they say they’ll do, when they say they will, and don’t let you know. So I won’t be happy if I have to follow up a missed deadline. I will be happy if you’re proactive about it by letting me know ahead of time if you can’t do something by the agreed date and proposing a new date.
  • Dislikes being too busy 🙂


What you’ll get

  • You’ll learn about money – you’ll get full exposure to all our content, and you can ask Lacey as many questions as you like
  • You’ll see how the back end of a small business runs, and how it becomes profitable
  • You’ll have the chance to learn about new projects as they pop up
  • You’ll pick up some of Lacey’s operational improvement consulting skills through working together
  • Paid. On time.


Still interested? Here’s the next step…

Please send an email by Monday 15 August:

  • to the company email (see contact page)
  • with the subject ‘Interested to explore SM internship further’
  • list any further questions you have (if any)
  • …and tell me your favourite joke 🙂


Looking forward to hearing from you.