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We'll show you how.

Want to raise financially savvy children?

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We'll show you how.

Want to raise financially savvy children?

Did you learn about personal finance at school? Neither did we.

That’s why we created Money School. We want to close the financial education gap by helping parents raise financially savvy children.

Our curriculum for parents is guided by three core principles:

1. Every parent wants their child to have choices.

When we first hold that newborn baby in our arms, anything is possible. We want the world for them. More than anything we want them to feel they have choices in life; that they can:

  • follow the career they want,
  • live where they want,
  • travel when and where they want,
  • marry who (and when!) they want.

Financial independence – yours and theirs – plays a significant part in having those choices. Every dollar is a choice, we should treat it accordingly.

2. Money skills are best learned at home.

There are only two rules with money: save, and buy assets. It’s the finer details that are important:

  • how much to save,
  • how much to donate,
  • what investments to buy.

These decisions are more influenced by values than mathematics. That’s why conversations about money around the dinner table are as important as classroom learning, if not more so.

3. Children eventually follow your example, not your advice.

Your children will absorb your money mindset simply by being with you:

  • watching you buy groceries,
  • listening to conversations about mortgages and cars and school fees,
  • noticing when you ‘get money out of the wall’ (as most six-year-olds put it).

If we want our children to develop a health attitude to money so they can get started on the right financial foot in life, we need to set a good example for them. So, we need to know what a good example looks like.

We deliver our independent financial education in a variety of ways.

To find out more, click on the description that best fits you:

For those struggling with credit card and other consumer debt, we will soon offer a free online course to help you get that debt paid off fast. Sign up here for access and to be notified when the course is ready for use. You’ll go through our check-out, but you won’t need to enter any credit card details – this simply ensures you agree to our terms and conditions.

None of the above? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Click here to find out more.

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