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Money School

We help you master money so you can experience the ultimate freedom: the final say on how you spend your time. This allows you to enjoy life now, instead of working your butt off during your prime years on the elusive promise of a relaxing end-of-life retirement.

Since 2010 we’ve helped thousands of people around the world become debt free, start saving and get on the path to becoming Financially Independent, Time Rich (FITR). Our Money Schoolers feel in control of their money, confident in their future, and excited about escaping the 9-5 grind.

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Achieving Financial Independence (AFI)

3 modules • 36 lessons

The comprehensive financial education you didn't get in school. As you work through 23 videos, you'll develop your own financial plan.


Savvy Kids

3 modules • 18 lessons

Helping parents pass on essential financial skills. Parents work through 18 videos, then do activities with their kids to share the skills covered.



Free Course on Debt

4 lessons

Everything you wish you knew about debt: how it works, how to pay it off quickly, and how to stay out of debt once you’re debt-free.

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Why you should think about financial independence and mini-retirements.



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