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We'll show you how.

Want to raise financially savvy children?

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We'll show you how.

Want to raise financially savvy children?

Are you here to sign up for one of the DLGC’s public ‘Women and Superannuation’ events?

Our session on 16 May at Victoria Park sold out, but we have three more available:

Make sure you reserve a ticket as seating is limited.

Did you learn about personal finance at school? Neither did we.

That’s why we created Money School: we want to close the financial education gap.

We have a comprehensive, independent personal finance curriculum that we deliver in a variety of ways, including online and in person.

Click on the heading below that best matches you to learn more:

For students

Individual students can access our training materials to use at home, outside of school hours.

We also offer school-based programs – scroll down to ‘Schools’ to learn more.

Primary School

For 5-11 year olds, we focus on the ‘Manage Your Money‘ skills, including:

  • the importance of saving and how compounding works,
  • treating money like any other resource – to be used wisely, and not wasted, and
  • learning ways to earn money – this is linked to our ‘kidpreneur’ work.

Click to learn more.

High School

For 12-18 year olds, we focus on the ‘Grow Your Money‘ skills, including:

  • how investing works – using common examples like shares and property,
  • how debt works – understanding its total cost and when it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’
  • how to adapt your financial strategy – to the economy, and your personal preferences.

Click to learn more.


For 19 – 25 year olds, we focus on making sound financial decisions as they transition from student or apprentice to their chosen workplace. We take the ‘Grow Your Money‘ skills from our high school program to a higher level, and get into the detail on topics like tax, superannuation, credit cards, getting started in investing, and buying your first property.

Click to learn more.

For adults

Struggling with debt

We offer a free online course on debt. With four videos and two worksheets, we teach you everything you wish you knew about debt already, how to pay it off fast, and how to stay out of it. Find out more here.

Wanting independence

We will be launching a monthly membership soon, covering how to manage and grow your money so you can stop work early and spend your time as you choose (we call this financial independence). Click to sign up to our mailing list (for this membership program only).


For parents wanting to raise financially savvy kids (so they leave home and can support themselves!), we offer the ‘Achieving Financial Independence’ course. Click to learn more.

For organisations


We can help your school, university, TAFE or college improve your students’ financial capability. We make personal finance interesting and fun.

Click to learn more.


We can help you to help your clients and employees, through corporate gifts of financial education and seminars at your place of work. Click to learn more.


We can help your not-for-profit organisation deliver affordable financial literacy training to your community. Click to learn more about how we prefer to give back.

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