'Money School' Book References

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As much as we love holding a paperback in our hands, locating the sources referenced is a pain in the proverbial when you’re dealing with a printed page.

We created this list so you can click instead of type or hunt. If you find a link that no longer works, please let us know.


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23:  The most recent sharing of Rosie Batty’s story was 1 March 2019 at the launch of Your Toolkit (https://www.yourtoolkit.com.au), where Lyn Beazley delivered the opening speech about where Financial Toolbox (https://www.financialtoolbox.org.au) came from, which led to the toolkit development.

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43: Using the figure from https://www.australiandebtclock.com.au/money [REPLACED LINK] of ~5.8 trillion debt total in Nov 2015, and economy size of $8.9 trillion in June 2016 from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Australia (both actuals based on real data, not projections) Australia is 65 per cent debt, 35 per cent cash.

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65: I was able to go without a guarantor because of the massive discount I’d achieved. The market value was $130 000, so I had over $25 000 of equity plus the $30 000 deposit at settlement. This made the property low risk, and my tiny living costs meant I was earning enough to meet the cashflow requirements.

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76: Tax relief estimator https://www.budget.gov.au/2019-20/content/estimator/incometax.htm. (Used to accommodate recent budget changes. In future, searching the Australian Tax Office site at ato.gov.au for income tax brackets would be sufficient for someone wanting to calculate their effective tax rate.)

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122: Quote Investigator, ‘The best minds of our generation are thinking about how to make people click ads’, https://quoteinvestigator.com/2017/06/12/click/

123: I am alluding to Australian company law, which places the survival of the company first for non-executive directors (NED) (e.g. ‘Directors must act for the benefit of “the company as a whole”. In general, this means that directors must act in the interests of all members collectively. However, directors may sometimes be required or permitted to take other interests into account’ – from Duties and liabilities of directors of Australian companies, Baker McKenzie https://www.bakermckenzie.com/-/media/files/locations/australia/bk_australia_dutiesliabilitiesofdirectors_dec17.pdf?la=en). If a NED fails to do the best thing for the company, they open themselves up to prosecution that can result in them being sued personally. This is part of the reason we’ve ended up with the Banking Royal Commission.

Phew! That’s 123 references, done and dusted. Thanks for reading.