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Our independent financial education helps adults and families find the path to financial independence. Our online courses are available 24/7, anywhere there’s internet. All Money Schoolers participating in our paid courses have access to our private Facebook group to ask questions, share wins and get support from the Money School team.

Financial Independence | Money School


Achieving Financial Independence (AFI)

3 modules | 23 lessons

Learn the financial skills you weren't taught at school while you build your own financial plan. Includes five hours of videos with accompanying workbooks.

Financial Independence | Money School


Raising Financially Savvy Children

3 modules | 18 lessons

Completed in tandem with Achieving Financial Independence (AFI), learn how to teach your kids about money without boring them. 1.6 hours of video.

Financial Independence | Money School


Free Course on Debt

4 lessons

Join over 4,000 students worldwide to learn how debt works, how to get out of debt fast (if you're already in it) and how to stay out of debt. 30 minutes of videos.