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Our courses can help you find the path to financial independence. They’re available online and on-demand – that means 24/7, anywhere there’s internet. Learn how to get out of debt, save, invest and become time rich today.

Choose the course that’s right for you and learn more about what’s offered on our Searchie course sites below:

Financial Independence | Money School


Manage Basics: Debt 101

4 lessons  |  30 mins of video

Join over 5,000 students worldwide to learn how debt works, how to get out of consumer debt fast (if you're already in it) and how to stay out of debt so you can start saving and investing your way to financial independence.

Financial Independence | Money School


Manage Your Money

4 lessons  |  1 hour of video

The road to financial independence starts with saving a part of every dollar you earn. In this course, you'll learn to maximise your income, (legally) minimise your tax and plan your spending so you can save as much as you can.

Financial Independence | Money School


Grow Your Wealth

19 lessons  |   4.3 hours of video

Financial independence comes when your assets cover your living costs. In this course, you'll learn how to put your savings to work buying assets, borrowing wisely if you choose, and adapting your approach to economic changes and your mindset.

Financial Independence | Money School


Grow Basics: Shares 101

9 lessons  |  1 hour of video

Don’t just take a punt! Make the investment in your future: learn how shares work before you leap in. Our short-and-sweet course is for anyone who’s keen to get started on the stock market but isn’t quite sure where to begin.

Financial Independence | Money School

For Parents

Raising Financially Savvy Kids (A$47)

18 lessons  |  1.5 hours of video

If you want to help your kids get off on the right financial foot in life, you can give them financial education you wish you'd got in school. In this course, we'll give you games, simulations and real-life activities to do with your kids so they become financially capable.

Financial Independence | Money School

For Kids

Maker Kids Club
(A$47 at home)

14 lessons  |   2.6 hours of video

Enterprise skills help kids get into full-time paid employment 17 months faster than their peers. They can learn how to launch their own micro-business (and manage their money too!) at home or in school with our Maker Kids Club course.