Thanks for joining me at Rotary 🙂


…and thank you to Marcus for the invitation.

Below you’ll find some follow-up information:

  1. Links to resources to help you learn more about Universal Basic Income,
  2. A short survey to give me feedback, and
  3. Some ways you can connect with Money School.

Thanks again for attending, and I wish you a fabulous financial future!


1. Helpful links


Here are some references I mentioned in my talk:

TED Talk

Poverty isn’t a lack of character, it’s a lack of cash – 2017, Rutger Bregman


A .pdf of today’s presentation

Poverty brain research

Princeton University’s 2013 study findings on the impact of financial stress on cognitive ability

Struggle Street

Watch Season 3 on demand with SBS

Utopia for Realists

Rutger Bregman’s book summarising the case for UBI

Three Dollars

A fictional story illustrating how poverty happens – even to chemical engineers!


Professor Ross Garnaut’s book covering UBI in the Australian post-COVID context

Women’s Agenda article

Why a Universal Basic Income is a solution to inequity


2. Feedback Form


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3. Connect with Money School


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