New: Money School

by Lacey Filipich

An approachable and inspiring guide to taking control of your money and your time so you can build the life you really want.

Available at all good bookstores in paperback, audio and eBook formats.

Become financially independent and reclaim your life

‘Time poor’ is the catch-cry of our era, and yet end-of-life retirement means we have an average of two decades of feeling time rich to look forward to . . . when we’re old. How arse-about is that?

But there is an alternative to working your butt off for decades and retiring when you’re worn out: it’s called financial independence, and it means being able to cover life’s essentials and afford the luxuries you want without having to turn up to a job each day.

Imagine: the freedom and flexibility to work if, when and where you like, go travelling, spend time with family or start that business you’ve been dreaming of. And with enough time and a way to earn, it’s achievable for most people through the power of passive income.

Lacey Filipich knows because she’s done it herself – and has been teaching the strategies and steps for financial independence for a decade through her education company, Money School. Now, she’ll teach you all her tried-and-true lessons for redesigning your personal finances to create the life you really want.

From maximising your income and cutting costs without big sacrifice, to property, shares and retirement funds, Money School explains exactly how to build a passive income that will completely change your life.

Take control of how you spend your time and money to make them work for you – and get on the fast track to being financially independent and time rich.

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For children (6 to 10 years old)

Bunny Money

Our ‘Bunny Money’ picture book teaches children to save through the story of Nessa and Nate, twin 10 year old bunnies who have just received a $100 gift from Gran for their birthday.

Praise for ‘Bunny Money’:

“It’s a brilliant little book; simple and enticing enough for a child to understand and get a great habit started early.”

Pauline Bright, grandmother of Lily

Bunny Money

$36.00 (includes shipping) Our ‘Bunny Money’ picture book teaches children to save through the story of Nessa and Nate, twin 10 year old bunnies who have just received a $100…
$3.27 (tax)
Total: $36.00


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