Thanks for joining me at the It Takes A Spark Conference on 7 December at St Hilda’s!


I hope you found the session useful. In case you missed it, here’s my bio.

Below you’ll find:

  1. Links to some of the research I mentioned
  2. Downloadable links to the Maker Kids Club Success Path and curriculum mapping
  3. A short survey to give me feedback, and
  4. Some ways you can connect with Money School.

Thanks again for attending, wishing you a wonderful festive season.

1. Links to research



2. Maker Kids Club Resources


Download copies of:


For more information on Maker Kids Club, see how the schools program works.

If you’d like to share kidpreneur stories with your students as inspiration, find them here and on our YouTube channel.

From March to July 2020, the full Year 5 cohort at Perth College completed MKC. Given its success, the full Year 6 and 7 cohorts completed the program from June to November 2020. Gallup testing was completed in August 2020. These are the results:

Perth College Gallup Poll Results – Year 5 cohort each year, intervention in early 2020 before testing

Perth College Gallup Poll Results – 2020 response to ‘I am learning how to save and spend money’ by cohort

Perth College Gallup Poll Results – 2020 response to ‘I have a paying job now’ by cohort


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