We help your school deliver financially capable students.

‘Financial literacy’ is one of 2017’s education buzz words.

Most schools are eager to give their students a solid understanding of personal finance and are going about it in different ways, such as:

  • integrating MoneySmart Schools activities into existing teaching plans,
  • adding modules on personal finance to career classes, and
  • engaging banks to to deliver their school banking programs.

At Money School, we’re thrilled to see personal finance has moved up the agenda. We’re eager to work with your school to help you deliver financially capable students. To assist you, we’ve prepared a report entitled “Three strategies to help your school close our youth financial literacy gap“.

Our range of services includes:

1. Working with your Parents Group (P&C)

We work with P&Cs in two ways: presenting to parents, and through fundraising.

Presenting to parents

If your P&C holds sessions for your school’s parents, we can deliver informative talks during or after school hours. Our most popular presentation is ‘Six simple ways to teach your child about money’, which gets feedback like this:

[Lacey’s] story is engaging and the activities she suggests for families to teach money skills are not only practical, they’re fun! Soon after Lacey’s presentation I had the opportunity to apply what I’d learned when my kids wanted to do a bake stall. As Lacey suggested, my husband and I loaned them the money for the ingredients and coached them through the process. It’s helped us talk to our kids about money in a practical way and they’ve already learned some valuable lessons.

– Sue Pember, Director, Mi Casa Property Boutique


We partner with schools to offer the Achieving Financial Independence course to your school community at a discounted price, returning $50 for each sale to your school as fundraising. Learn more about how that works here.

2. Speaking to your students

Our presentations to students are very popular due to Lacey’s engaging style and her story – many young women have asked ‘how can I do that too?’ after hearing about Lacey’s first property purchase at age 19. We get feedback like this:

Lacey’s presentation to our Year 12 students was practical, personal and beneficial. Her examples resonated with the 12s immediately and, from the steady flow of questions at the end, it was clear they were engaged by the topic. I loved the advice Lacey shared – save ambitiously and use those savings to buy assets. I wish I had received advice like that when I was in Year 12! 

– Pauline Harvey-Short, Dean of School, Brisbane Girls Grammar School

We can tailor a presentation to the needs of your group. Please contact us to find out more.

3. Running comprehensive school-based financial literacy programs

We believe our comprehensive personal finance curriculum is the only one of its kind in Australia, outside of a formal university degree. We can work with your school to deliver our content in a way that best suits the needs of your staff and students, including:

  • Money School trainers delivering the content in or out of class time,
  • Teacher training to allow your staff to deliver the content, or
  • Integrating our online learning modules into class activities and/or homework.

Our signature program for primary school students in Years 5 and 6 is the Maker Kids Club.

Get in touch to discuss the needs of your school today.