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For those wanting something smaller than our complete course, we offer a range of educational materials in hard copy, delivered to your door. Scroll down to find the right product for you.

If you're in Perth in Western Australia and would prefer to collect your purchase from Melville, please tick the 'I want to pick up from store' option at check out and contact us to make collection arrangements. In this case, the cost of postage ($7) will come off the price of your order.

For children (6 to 10 years old)

Our 'Bunny Money' picture book teaches children to save through the story of Nessa and Nate, twin 10 year old bunnies who have just received a $100 gift from Gran for their birthday.

Praise for 'Bunny Money':

'It's a brilliant little book; simple and enticing enough for a child to understand and get a great habit started early.' - Pauline Bright, grandmother of Lily.

'It is full of fabulous information and so well presented. I will definitely help my granddaughter with this process.' - Jennifer Bryant, grandmother of Autumn.

Bunny Money Pack (no audio)

A$29 includes GST and postage
  • Pack includes the book plus two savings tracker posters for your children to use, like the characters in the story

Bunny Money Pack with audio

A$39 includes GST and postage
  • Pack includes the book, two savings tracker posters and an audio CD so your child can follow along (15 mins duration)

For adults

We have recorded our two most popular seminars for those unable to attend in person:

Teaching Children About Money is a 26 minute audio CD covering your role as a parent, some guiding principles to follow and six activities you can use to teach your child about money. All activities can be adapted for any school-age child.

Praise for 'Teaching Children About Money':

Practical advice and activities that I was able to share with my girls immediately. 10 out of 10! - Brenda Moore, Executive Director, EY Perth

Assets, Good Debt and Mindset is a two hour DVD covering why you need to know about money (the 'burning platform'), the seven spectrums of your mindset and how they affect your relationship with money, how to identify assets, and how and when to use debt wisely.

Praise for 'Assets, Good Debt and Mindset':

'Learnt more in half a day about money and assets and investment than in my entire adult life.' - Rachel Fuller

Teaching Children Audio CD

A$29 includes GST and postage

Assets, Good Debt & Mindset DVD

A$49 includes GST and postage

For the whole family

If you're a family with primary school aged children (5 to 12 years old), you can now buy the complete pack of all our educational materials. You'll get the Bunny Money book, audio recording and posters for the kids, and both of our adult education products - the Teaching Children About Money CD and the Assets, Good Debt and Mindset DVD.

The Family Pack

A$79 includes GST and postage
  • Get the complete education set - the Bunny Money book, audio recording and posters for the kids, the Teaching Children About Money and Assets, Good Debt and Mindset recordings for Mum and Dad. This pack is valued at $103 including postage, you'll save 23%!