If you’ve ever said the following out loud or in your head:

“I am terrible with money.”

“I spend too much.”

“I don’t have control over my money.”

“I just can’t seem to break the habit of <insert annoying/destructive/wasteful financial action>.”

…this post is for you! You can skip to the interview at the end or read on for some background.

The deciding factor for success

I teach people from all walks of life how to become financially independent. I’ve been doing it formally for seven years and, prior to that, informally for friends and family for over a decade. I’ve found only one universal make-or-break factor that determines the likelihood of your financial success.

It’s not how much you earn.

It’s not the investments you choose.

It’s not luck or timing.

It’s discipline.

Your financial success hinges on your ability to decide what is best for your money, then do it. Consistently. It relies on you not throwing in the towel when you slip up, like the dieter who succumbs to a square of chocolate then throws their hands in the air cyring ‘May as well eat the whole block now!’ It depends on the hundred small things you do each day, week and year that add up to life-changing habits.

The single most important work you can do to help you be financially successful is master your mind. Or, as David Levin puts it, master cognitive control, emotional self-regulation, and impulse control. For this reason, I am thrilled to introduce you to David and his book ‘Raise Your Inner Game‘.

About the book: Raise Your Inner Game

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know I don’t do ‘woo woo’. I prefer logical, pragmatic and action-oriented suggestions, which is why I generally steer clear of the typical mindset stuff. Then I had the opportunity to read an early copy of David’s book. Now I can finally recommend a mindset resource for those that want it. Hooray!

To quote the blurb:

“Forget the old-school “motivation” and pop-psychology that fills so many self-improvement books—it’s out of date and, honestly, doesn’t work that well in the first place. What you need to thrive in today’s distracting, fast-paced world are three, fundamental self-mastery skills—cognitive control, emotional self-regulation, and impulse control. Together, these skills are the Holy Grail of personal development, and Raise Your Inner Game presents the world’s first method for developing all three.

“Using engaging stories and a clear, no-nonsense style, QBQ! co-author David Levin has crafted a practical yet powerful guide for how to:

  • Control your negative thoughts and emotions
  • Shut out distractions and stay focused
  • Live more intentionally
  • Access your most creative and innovative ideas
  • Perform better under pressure
  • Be more emotionally resilient
  • Strengthen your willpower and self-control
  • Create more balance in your life
  • And much more!

“Whether you’re driven to be your best and to make a bigger difference in the world or you just want to be happier and have more control of your life, Raise Your Inner Game gives you the blueprint and the tools.”

If you can master these habits and apply them to your finances, you will dramatically improve your chances of financial success.

About the author: David Levin

In 1992, David Levin was a struggling singer-songwriter whose career (and life) were going nowhere. But then he had a strange and illuminating experience that totally changed the arc of his life. Four albums, five books, and twenty-nine years of happy marriage later, he’s condensed what he’s learned into a simple, practical guide for how to be stronger, mentally and emotionally, so that you can do your best work and live a life you’re proud of every day.

David is the co-author (with John G. Miller) of the million-selling book QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, the author of Don’t Just Talk, Be Heard! and the creator of the Focused! Every Day training program. He is also an award-winning songwriter and recording artist, and lives happily ever after in Viroqua, Wisconsin, with his wife and their two children.


The interview: habits that can change your financial future

To say this book has had a profound impact on my life is an understatement. I may have finances sorted (as you’d hope!) but I’m not nearly as disciplined in other areas of my life and it bugs me. I’ve tried meditation, gratitude journals and mindfulness practices before with varying (usually disappointing) results. The lessons I learned in David’s book were a revelation and for the last six months I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in my problem areas.

In experiencing that change, I realised the implications for those who don’t have their money stuff sorted could be huge. I was absolutely thrilled when David agreed to let me interview him about how to apply the techniques he recommends to the specific area of personal finance.

In this interview, we talk about common money mindset problems and habits, and David delivers enormous value with excellent advice and pragmatic activities you can do to turn those habits around. Enjoy!

Where to buy the book

You can buy Raise Your Inner Game on Amazon, iBooks or Audible, or request it from your local library (if they don’t have it, they will usually order it) – and I recommend that you do!


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