Want to get your children excited about saving? We have the book for you!

Bunny Money is the story of Nessa and Nate, a pair of twins getting $100 each from Gran for their 10th birthday. But that’s not all they get – the most precious part of Gran’s gift is the lesson she gives them about saving over the following year.

Buy the pack for $22 + postage and handling*

The book was written in 2010 by Money School’s co-Founder, Lacey Filipich (or Lacey White, as she was then before marrying Adam). We originally published it as a gift for our clients. Recently we’ve been getting fabulous feedback about the impact it’s having. One family has even started a ‘kidpreneur’ group with their neighbours after making Bunny Money their kids’ book club book for September! So, we decided to offer it for sale as a stand-alone product so more kids can get started on their saving journey.

What’s in the pack?

The Bunny Money pack includes a copy of the picture book and two posters, so your children can do as Nate and Nessa do in the book.

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Buy the pack for $22 + postage and handling*

If you need more copies of the poster because you have more than two kids, please email us after you get your product purchase confirmation and we’ll pop extra copies in the pack.

If you’d like to make it an extra-special gift for your kids, send us an email with your order information and the names of your children – Lacey will write a message for them on the title page and sign it.

The Book Launch –  Sunday 13 November 2016

When the book was published, we forgot to celebrate. So, six years later, we decided it was time to set that to rights!

We had a kid-friendly book launch on Sunday 13 November, 2016 at the East Fremantle Yacht Club. This was sponsored by Mi Casa Property Boutique, and included a Kidpreneur Showcase.

Buy the pack for $22 + postage and handling*

* Postage and handling is $10 within Australia, $20 outside of Australia. Price includes Australia Goods and Services Tax (GST), which is not applied when the shipping address is outside Australia.


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Lacey Filipich is the co-founder and director of Money School. She helps parents raise financially savvy kids and helps adults get on top of their finances. Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow the Money School Facebook page to learn more.

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